sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Welcome to my new blog.

Thanks for to  see my blog. Here I will report about caring the planet.

The purpose of this blog is to contribute with knowledge and environmental education for  children, youth and society in general. Because when you participate in the world of knowledge, you can understand better what happens to your environment as you interact with other biotic and abiotic elements, and above all, how you can help  making life on earth is preserved forever.

We are destroying the planet.

It is important then to think and know that the world is not ours, we have been given
to live in it and we use it wisely. And that's what we should do ... live, not destroy.

But we must also protect our environment because we need it. And a lot! We depend on it to exist. Our planet gives  all the natural resources we need for food, build our houses, have light, transport ourselves, clothing etc. Look around you one second ... everything you see - paper, pencil, computer, rubber, etc. is obtained, directly or indirectly, of the environment, so it is important that we ensure its ability to continue.

If we destroy the environment we are hurting ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Caring for the world is taking care of ourselves and that's another very good reason don't you think?

Our environment is our life support and all its components: air, water, rocks, plants, animals, etc. Now, the environment, key to our survival is being dangerously affected by human activities.

No excuses not to caring   the environment. Join to change. 

"Some tips, easy to apply, which help us to contribute from our homes to improve the environment. To change the world we have to start by changing ourselves "

  • Before throwing something away, think about whether you can reuse, recycle or repair, or if it can be useful to someone else.  
  • I usually use bags of biodegradable material. It is more,reduce  consumption of plastics. 
  • Unplug everything you do not use. 
  • Leave the car, walks , breathes, enjoys the outdoors 
  • Always close  the tap when brushing your teeth. You can save between 40 to 80 liters of water each month
  • Unplug everything that you don't use.
  • Open courtains to use natural light 
  • Sometimes you can use rainwater

I am doing this tips for that you apply in your daily live and so help the caring the environment.


Finally, I invite you to use the adventure to explore ALL ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT OR MOTHER NATURE,  for that you   learn to value it as the only common home we all living beings have on this planet.